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Asian Bodywork Therapy and Pasqueflowers

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For bodywork you'll have to come to beautiful Glacier Bay!



  • Different herbal teas featured every week
  • Experience new flavors, tea is free
  • Learn basic medicinal actions of featured teas
  • Fresh, local teas in summer months
  • $22 for 20 minutes Asian Bodywork Therapy by request
  • fresh local vegetables and herbs for sale as available

Clinical Herbalism is a synthesis of the ancient art and traditional wisdom of plant based remedies with the science and clinical research of modern times.  Herbal formulas are tailored to the specific needs of each person. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the foundation of my practice. TCM uses natural systems as a model for addressing the complex nature of human health and illness, and promotes a deeper approach than a simple one "pill" to treat a given symptom. Jen considers each client’s health concerns, constitution, diet and emotional status, coupled with diagnostic tools such as tongue and pulse, in her selection of appropriate botanicals. She is happy to communicate with your medical doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure that the therapies you receive are understood by all professionals concerned with your health. Alaskan plants are used as much as possible. She gathers and cultivates medicinal plants, blending them with other herbs as needed.

Asian Bodywork Therapy uses structural alignment and various energetic techniques infused with the philosophies of harmony and balance valued in Eastern cultures to treat your needs as an energetic individual and heighten your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. Pressure, stretching, stimulation of meridians and acu-points, and structural re-balancing bring renewed vitality to the musculoskeletal and organ systems.   Acupressure is a healing technique developed in Asia more than 5,000 years ago. It uses gentle but firm finger pressure on specific points of the body to stimulate the body’s capacity to heal. Jen’s style integrates Ashiatsu ("Ashiatsu" literally means foot [ashi] pressure [atsu] in Japanese), Acupressure, Thai and Zen Shiatsu.  Sessions vary according to the needs of the client, from deep pressure and stretching to the calm holding of acupressure points. Jen may also use external applications of medicinal plants, heat or cold, exercise suggestions and other Asian-based techniques or practices.

The combination of herbal remedies with Asian Bodywork can provide a holistic approach to health and healing. Bodywork creates an invitation to relax and release old patterns, while your body receives deeper healing messages via acupressure points and meridians. Herbal remedies tend to work more slowly and over a longer period of time. Blending the two creates a long term strategy for improving and maintaining health. Jen sees her role as a guide providing support and tools for each client to cultivate increased awareness, vitality, and healing in their lives.

On a personal level, Jen brings experiences of profound tranquility into her practice. Jen enjoys spending long periods of time in the bush, where the unrelenting pressures and stress of fast paced living, constant accessibility and busyness fall away. In Alaska’s remote places time slows down, the breath becomes deeper, and the waters within one’s heart can become a calm pool for reflection and insight. The stress of daily life give way to the more immediate realizations of one’s place in the scale of things (and the food chain). Robin's Song is the medium that allows Jen to transfer these calm waters into her client’s day to day lives.

“Yesterday, today, the day before… The world is still the same, it will be the same tomorrow.
I am happy, deep inside.  Not the mind-tiredness of too much thought, of thoughts that pursue each other endlessly in that forest of nerves, anxiety, and fear. But a stretching kind of tiredness, the ease and satisfaction of time well spent,and of the deep self renewed.”

  by Alaskan author, John Haines,
“Three Days”, The Stars, The Snow, The Fire

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