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rose hip, wood betony, alder, baneberry

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What's new in 2014?

    Moving to a more southerly Alaskan clime is allowing great expansion and experimentation with the herbs I can grow.
      I am excited to share all this new bounty, many new additions are in the soil and if successful will be available in the next few years!
    A deeper commitment to local and US grown botanicals.
      Turmeric's increasing popularity has prompted me to move away from the dried powdered turmeric almost always sourced from India, to FRESH ORGANIC HAWAIIAN RED TURMERIC and FRESH ORGANIC HAWAIIAN YELLOW GINGER--improved quality is evident, it looks beautiful and vital, and tastes wonderful! More changes along these lines are in the works!

    • Customized blends.
    • Discounts for refilling your container!
    • Ingredients are always organically grown or harvested in a sustainable manner from the wild.
    • Alaska grown or harvested ingredients are used when possible.
    • When herbs are purchased they are purchased from small companies that apply tests to guarantee their plant materials are free of pesticide residue and heavy metals.
    • Herbs listed below are only a fraction of what I have on hand, please contact me if you need a specific herb or formula.


    • Please seek professional medical assistance in treating serious medical conditions. If you are on prescription medications, please contact me to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to avoid drug interactions.

Alaskan Single Herb Tinctures

Organically grown or wild harvested in Alaska. Extracted and concentrated in organic cane alcohol and water. Average dose is 30 drops 3x per day.

1 ounce $13.00
2 ounce $23.00
4 ounce $42.00
All prices include Gustavus sales tax
(.25 cent refund for bottle return)

    NEW!! Ashwagandha root, organically grown

    Bupleurum root, organically grown

    Burdock root, organically grown

    NEW!! California Poppy, organically grown

    Calendula flowers, organically grown

    Chamomile leaf and flower, organically grown

    Cleavers herb, wildharvested

    Codonopis root, organically grown, also known as the 'poor man's ginseng'

    Alaska Cranberry, wildharvested

    Fireweed herb, wildharvested

    Horsetail, fresh young shoots, wildharvested

    Lemon Balm leaf, organically grown

    Mint, organically grown

    Motherwort leaf and flower, organically grown

    Poplar buds, wildharvested

    Propolis, from Alaskan bees when possible

    Rhianthus, wildharvested

    Rosemary, organically grown

    Spilanthes leaf and flower, organically grown Echincacea substitute

    Spruce tips, young spring tips

    Skullcap, organically grown

    Thyme, organically grown

    Usnea lichen, wildharvested

    Viburnum bark, wildharvested

    Violet leaf and flower, organically grown

    Yarrow leaf, flower, wildharvested

Organic Single Herb Tinctures:
Made with organically grown herbs. Medicinal constituents are extracted and concentrated in organic cane alcohol and water. Average dose is 30 drops 3x per day.

1 ounce $13.00
2 ounce $23.00
4 ounce $42.00
All prices include Gustavus sales tax
(.25 cent refund for bottle return)

    Angelica root, organically grown

    Citrus Peel, organically grown

    Ginger root, organically grown

    Hawthorn berry, organically grown and wildharvested

    Lady's Mantle, organically grown

    Prickly Ash root, wildharvested

    Saw Palmetto berry, wildharvested

    Schizandra berry, organically grown

    Turmeric root, organically grown
    AND many, many more...


Extracted and concentrated in organic grain or cane alcohol and water. Average dose is 30 drops 3x per day.

1 ounce $13.00
2 ounce $23.00
4 ounce $42.00
All prices include Gustavus sales tax
(.25 cent refund for bottle return)

Chai Bitters Digestive Formula

Herbal Mouthwash

Lung Tonic for Smoke

Men's Support

Muscle Relaxant

Relax with Peace and Flowers

Throat Spray

Stress Relief

Thyroid Balance

Woman's Cyclic Calm

Women's Tonic

Zap It


NEW in 2014
Alaskan Burn Gel: cool, soothe and heal with violet gel.

Infused Herbal Oils: fresh Alaskan herbs are infused in organic extra virgin oil oil, the only other ingredient is a little vitamin E (good for the skin and a natural preservative). For topical use.

$8.00 per ounce
including Gustavus sales tax


Calendula oil

Healing Oil

Pure Poplar Bliss oil: Alaskan spring in a bottle.

Other oils, made with organic herbs:

Trauma oil: arnica and st. Johnswort

Brahmi oil

Comfrey Root oil.


Herbal Salves

Herbal Lotions
Alaskan Herbal Healing Lotions: devils club, calendula and comfrey oils blended with cocoa butter and Alaskan beeswax. The cocoa butter helps the herbs to penetrate while the beeswax helps coat the lips and skin to protect against the elements.

Your choice: any of the infused herbal oils can be made into a salve or lotion.

1 oz Lotion: $8.00 including tax

Raspberry leaves, Rubus idaeus, used in many teas for from my landHERBAL GLYCERITES

Alcohol free, safe for children and pets, and tasty! Vegetable glycerine is derived from plants and has a sweet taste making it easy for children to take.

Children's Immune Protection

Ease Into Birthing Glycerite

Special Order: during summer months any of the Alaskan herbs can be made into a glycerite

1 oz Glycerite: $9.00
2 oz Glycerite: $15.00
4 oz Glycerite: $28.00

Prices include Gustavus sales tax


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