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PHOTO CREDIT: plant pics copyright 2014 Jen Landry. Class pics from Juneau Becoming An Outdoorswoman Wild Edibles Class 2014.

Are you interested in creating an Alaskan Herbal gathering? I would love to coordinate with others who could devote serious effort into such an event and facilitate greater awareness about Alaskan botanicals.

The following workshops are available by request:

Jen integrates Eastern and Western philosophies and research into her classes. Classes often include dietary and lifestyle recommendations relevant to the topic, as well as home remedies and acupressure for self care. An effort is made to always incorporate hands-on experiential learning.

If you are interested in a class, a minimum commitment of 3 participants and a $30 deposit is required. Plant walks simply require the minimum commitment of 3 participants (no deposit required). Once you have organized a couple of friends then we can arrange a date. If you are interested in a topic not listed below feel free to contact Jen and explore the options of setting up a class on the topic of choice.

Plant Walks, 1.5 hours
$10.00 per person in Gustavus.
Develop your field identification skills. Discuss medicinal and edible plants, harvesting ethics, medicinal properties and methods of use, and cautions.


Foundations of Health
3 hours
A foundation of good nutrition and lifestyle habits, including stress reduction techniques, are essential to natural methods of healing. This class is a combination of lecture and practical skills.

Acupressure Cancer Support for Friends & Family
2-3 hours, commitment of only 2 people required
This class is for the friends and families whose loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer. This class will teach basic acupressure and ways you can safely support loved ones at home, with an emphasis on boosting the immune system, relieving nausea and pain. Safety concerns of lymphedema will be addressed, but the class will not cover Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

Acupressure & Herbal First Aid:
One of Jen’s favorite topics as she spends a lot of time in remote places! Jen is continually refining her first aid kit to find the best ways to integrate herbs into an effective and manageable first aid kit.
This class can be broken down into its shorter segments or all inclusive:
Garden & Kitchen Herbal First Aid, 2 hours
Acupressure First Aid,1 1/2 hours
Herbal First Aid,2 hours
Herbal (including wild and garden herbs) & Acupressure First Aid, approximately 5 hours

Introduction to Chinese Medicine's 5 Element System
3 hours
This class will introduce basic concepts of Chinese Medicine. The 5 Element system uses elements of nature as window for examining patterns of disharmony (disease) within the human body. The 5 Element System is particularly relevant for working with the emotions. A fun class exploring a different perspective on health and useful self acupressure points.

Basic Home Remedies 4 hours
Learn how to make basic home remedies with common and abundant Alaskan plants. This class will cover the equipment needed and how to of making medicinal teas, vinegars, syrups and tinctures.

Women’s Health
This class will start with nutrition and lifestyle habits that support reproductive health and balance through all stages of life. Herbs, home remedies and acupressure for gynecological wellness will be discussed with time for hands-on practice.
The class can be broken down into the following sections:
Fertility Awareness & the Reproductive Years, 6 hours
Menopause & Beyond, 4 hours

Herb & Acupressure Support Pre- & Post Surgery
1 hour
Herbs and acupressure can safely boost the immune system before the surgery, we will discuss herbs that are safe and herbs contr-indicated before surgery. Post-surgery there are herbs and simple home remedies that can help speed up tissue repair and overall recovery and wellness. This class is best taken by a person going into surgery and a friend or spouse who can offer support after the surgery.

Home Remedies for Pain Relief
4 hours
Common causes of pain, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, home remedies and acupressure for pain relief. The class can focus on a specific type of pain if desired, but would need more time to go in depth to cover the many manifestations of pain. (neck pain, back pain, or headaches).

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